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Jack/Kate Icon Challenge Community

such a beautiful disaster...

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Welcome to the Jack/Kate Icontest Community! This is a community centered around the pairing of Jack and Kate in the hit ABC TV show, Lost.

Mod: imagineforever

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Challenge Starts:
Icon Submitting: Monday-Friday
Voting: Saturday and Sunday
Winners Announced: Sunday

1. Icons must meet LJ requirements: 100x100 pixels in size, no more than 40KB, and GIF, JPG or PNG format.

2. Please read the important rules with each weeks challenge. If your entries do not follow these specific rules, you will be disqualified. Icons may be still or animated, text or hush, you can use whatever you feel is required to make beautiful icons: blending, brushes, textures, lighting, gradients, colors, etc. Just be sure what you choose coincides with the rules each week.

3. Please keep your submitted icon confidential until after the challenge ends, which is after the winners have been announced. All posts will be screened during the submitting and voting. After the challenge is complete, the voting posts will be unscreened. Feel free to post all submitted/winning icons publicly after the winners have been announced.

4. All icon entries should be in a reply to the challenge post. All submissions should be entered in this format, with your icon, link and an answer to the banner question, should you place. Like here:

Banner: Yes/No

5. Please don't go get your friends to come vote for your icon. In addition to that, no voting for your own icon. If you do this, your vote will be disqualified. You must vote for your three favorite icons, no more, no less. The votes are not weighted.

6. If you're browsing for icons, please wait until after the winners are announced to snag. You must ask for the icon makers permission to use the icon, and you must credit.

7. When using screen caps from the show, make sure that you're not using caps from a show that has not aired yet! We'll only accept icons with caps from shows that have already aired, no promo pics from future episodes. Lets keep this community spoiler-free!

8. Both Jack and Kate must both be in the icon, thus the Jack/Kateness of the whole community. ^_^

9. This is a place where we can all have fun with making icons of our favorite couple from Lost. Please be respective of others.

10. Be sure to have fun!!

Here are some buttons to help promote our community. Please feel free to post these in your user profile or on your web pages.
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Any suggestions for the community? Challenge ideas or questions for the mod? Please comment here.

--Lost Media is used for all screen caps and images in this community.
--Our lovely header was made by the amazing crystalkirk.


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